Caravan & Motorhome

Equip your caravan or motorhome with energy-efficient appliances that minimise power consumption without compromising on performance. 

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Perfect Off-Grid Living Setup

We offer a one-stop shop, providing all the advice you need on the equipment you require for your setup, then designing a power board to suit the available space. Our team will fit and install the complete setup within a couple of weeks.

The Victron equipment is perfect for monitoring all of your power usage and charging needs, while still being great value for money.

Solar Installation

Harness the power of the sun to charge your batteries and keep your appliances running, even when off-grid. Our expert installation team ensures seamless integration of solar panels onto your caravan or motorhome, maximising energy efficiency and independence.

Energy Management Systems

Take control of your energy usage with advanced energy management systems. Monitor and optimise power consumption to extend battery life, reduce fuel costs, and maximise comfort during your travels.

Whether you're an occasional traveller or off-grid living, our expert team is here to help you stay powered up. Contact us today to learn more and to start planning your energy efficient upgrades.

Battery Upgrades

Upgrade your energy storage capacity with high-performance batteries designed for mobile applications. 

Whether you need additional power for extended trips or enhanced reliability for off-grid living, we have the perfect battery solution for your needs.

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