We providing comprehensive consulting solutions aimed at optimising energy usage, reducing costs, and can help with infrastructure assessment, network documentations, safety assessments, electrical system assessments.

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Our specialists with comprehensive knowledge in the field will bring tailored solutions to meet your organisation's unique needs.

Renewable Energy Integration

Expert guidance on incorporating renewable energy sources like solar or wind power into existing systems for sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Energy Efficiency Consultation
Tailored assessments and recommendations to optimise your energy usage.

Energy System Analysis: Comprehensive evaluations of energy systems to enhance safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Energy Management Planning: Strategic development of energy management plans to meet organisational goals and sustainability targets.

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Power Distribution System Upgrades

Through calculation, measurement, and visual assessment we can assess what present equipment you have in place and both the feasibility and cost increasing capacity or expanding your installation.

Reporting on both compliance and practical safety risk for almost all electrical systems, we offer the time to both provide a written report aswell as a verbal interpretation to ensure the client clearly understand both the present issues and path forward.

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Network Documentation & Contractor Advice

At times network documentation can be a labyrinth to get through. We offer the following services, aswell as support to other contractors who may need technical advice or assistance on a project. We can do this for Essential Energy, Ausgrid and Endeavor Energy.

• Applications for Generation Systems

• Applications for Connection

• Applications for Additional Load

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Programmed Maintenance

We also offer comprehensive programmed maintenance such as:


•Thermographic Imaging

•Compliance Testing

•Testing & Tagging

•RCD Compliancing

•Switchboard upgrades

•Emergency & Exit lighting

•Testing, repairs & certifications

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